So, you want to know a little about Oregon Bead Works? Oregon Bead Works was conceived in 2015 after spending years creating custom jewelry pieces mostly for family, friends and special occasions which encouraged us to launch a web based store to share our creations with YOU! 


Growing up in New Mexico, a state rich in semi-precious stones, I was intrigued by the stories my father told of lost treasures from the past while on family adventures in the deserts and mountains as a child. While listening to my father share his experiences of fossil hunting, though I was more attracted to the colorful rocks under foot,  I quickly discovered my passion for these natural gems. Throughout my childhood and early adult life I was infatuated with the treasure seeking bug and took every opportunity to seek out elusive stones and even tried my hand at gold mining and panning, although I never found the "Mother Lode". While living in a state with such a rich Indian heritage I was always attracted to the intricate and colorful bead work adorning the beautiful tanned leather goods that seemed to be sold at every corner store. I soon learned that I had a desire to build my own creations with treasures found on hiking adventures. Some of these finds are shaped, tumbled and polished in my shop and become very unique one of a kind pieces, while some pieces are crafted using various types of beads and stones from my favorite bead suppliers.       


During the next couple decades, while raising my own family, my wanderlust faded and I soon became more absorbed in different treasures: raising children! It wasn't until I met my current husband from Oregon in the year of 2000 that my thirst of exploring for natures treasures' was reignited. With his lifelong exposure to the minerals of Oregon, both as a hobbyist and professional, it was just meant to be that we would embark on a new journey. 


 Living along the mighty Columbia River, with the deserts of Oregon to the east and majestic Mt Hood rising above the Cascade Mountain Range nearby and the beautiful Oregon Coast greeting the Pacific Ocean to our west, it isn't difficult to imagine a creation which has a local influence.

                     It is with this in mind, that we hope you will find that Oregon Bead Works provides a unique and rewarding treasure seeking adventure for you, our valued customer.

Sharon Miller