Special Orders, Wild Ideas and Unusual Requests are Open for Discussion.

I welcome your questions about those special requests or desires concerning a unique piece of jewelry whether it is a specific bead, color, shape or stone.  Please feel free to contact me by email with your specific ideas and I will make every effort to work with you to create a piece that you will wear with pleasure.

Please be as specific and clear as you can when requesting a custom order, i.e. length of chain, types of beads, stones, charms, pendants, etc.  The more information you can initially provide, the faster I can provide suggestions and quotes.  I will be able to send progress photos upon receipt of the order so that you will be able to follow the creation of your piece from start to finish to ensure you complete satisfaction.  Please do not ask me to copy a design from another artisan.  I will create a similar piece using  ideas and parameters unique to your piece. 

It is helpful to take a tour of my designs on the product pages or Items sold pages for ideas that you may like to incorporate into your custom piece.  The pieces I have made are one of a kind and usually cannot be duplicated exactly since many of the components are not available any longer, colors and shapes may vary, natural stones are just unique.  I will, however, make every effort to accommodate your requests when possible.

Custom pieces that I have created for a client are not returnable since they may not be saleable to other customers due to the specific designs.  I am confident that you will be totally satisfied upon completion of your piece as every element of the process will be shared during it's creation.

Let's get creative and design that fabulous piece you have imagined!